What are the Issues with Gay Marriages in USA?

The main issue about gay marriage is whether the United States Constitution protects the rights of couples who enter into a contract of marriage. While the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2015, that gay marriage should be allowed in all fifty states, the debate rages on, and the opponents still protest loudly and vociferously against it.

The main argument presented against gay marriage is that marriage should be between a man and a woman, and that this is a traditional tenet that cannot be broken, because they argue, that the main purpose of marriage is procreation.   They further contend that because homosexuals cannot procreate, they are going against “natural law”. The other “anti” issues are:

One, it denies the child a mother and father figure/influence that they believe is essential for the proper development of a child. They believe that a child will grow up to be “mal-adjusted” because of the absence of a solid male/female influence.

Two, gay marriage promotes the homosexual lifestyle, which at least according to the Bible is immoral. They argue that gay marriage turns a moral wrong into a legal, civil right. Religious times further argue that gay marriage is offensive to God, the same God that the Declaration of Independence mentions at its very beginning. Further, they argue that gay marriage creates some sort of gender confusion among the so-called children of gay marriages, and that the differences between male and female are blurred.

Three, its legal acceptance signifies governmental imposition of a practice that is highly offensive to a great number of Americans. In effect, allowing gay marriage is an imposition of the practice’s acceptance on all American society.

Four, acceptance of gay marriage represents a slippery slope towards the validation of other rights, which have long been considered unacceptable and immoral. They ask if the time for marriage with an animal, for example, is already coming. A homosexual lifestyle continues the moral decay of society, allowing for the acceptance of practices that have long been considered unacceptable, and even abominable, not only by the United States, but by humanity in general.

Five, it will further erode the moving away from black and white standards that have long been the strong moral fiber of “strong” societies. Allowing for another “accommodation” like gay marriage will most likely lead to the relaxation of other rules, which can affect society in an adverse fashion.

Proponents of gay marriage have many arguments, foremost of which, in circular fashion, is that it is legal already. But outside of this, they argue that it should be legal because of the following:

One, divorce rates will go down, because they believe that gay couples have fewer reasons to separate, including infertility.

Two, adoption rates for orphaned and abandoned children will rise. Since gay couples cannot procreate, their best chance, aside from contracting a surrogate mother, is to adopt children. This will reduce the number of abandoned children in society, which should be a social benefit to all.

Three, it validates the separation of church and state. Proponents argue that since one major argument against gay marriage is that it violates moral principles based on religion, banning gay marriage means that government is imposing a restriction based on religion, which violates the separation of church versus state dictum. Government has no right to impose a restriction based on religion.

Four, it violates the rights of citizens, both as individuals and as couples, to enjoy the protections and benefits provided by the government and the private sector.   These include tax advantages, pension and insurance benefits, and rights to privacy. For example, they complain about hospitals that do not allow the release of medical information to “partners” who are of the same sex, and will only release the information to opposite gender spouses, or blood relatives.

Five, it will reduce the amount of teenage suicides. Proponents believe that many students commit suicide because homosexual teenagers feel that society is exclusionary and discriminatory towards gays. Bullying and being made fun of are major reasons behind teen suicides, and gay marriage is a big step forward in accepting the gay lifestyle as normal and healthy.

Six, it will reduce discrimination, and even violence, towards homosexuals. Proponents believe that gay marriage is a giant step towards the acceptance of gays in society, in general. They argue that this will make for a gentler and accepting society, less prone to bullying and violence.

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