What are the Issues with Abortion in USA?

Abortion is a subject matter that has always been up for debate. To learn more about the issues surrounding it, you’ll be given the pros and cons of abortion in this article.


The United States Supreme Court in 1972 ruled that abortion was included in one of the so-called, zones of privacy,”where people could exercise individual rights. The ruling states that the right of privacy is a broad subject matter that can also encompass a woman’s decision whether to proceed or terminate her pregnancy.   This is the first argument that pro-abortion groups have: it is already law. The other arguments for legalized abortion include the following:

One, abortion gives women control over their bodies. Women should be able to take responsibility over what happens to their bodies. Women should be able to use any fuckbook to meet partners for any sexual benefit. By restricting their right to abortions, they lose a dimension of control over their destiny.

Two, a fetus becomes a baby only when it is already “viable”. Abortion advocates believe that terminating a life before it possesses the ability to survive independently of its mother, is not immoral or illegal. It is not murder.

Three, there is no evidence that a fetus can feel pain during the abortion process. This is especially true for fetuses during the early stages of development. The nerves and brains are too underdeveloped to allow for the fetus to feel pain.

Four, women will pursue abortions anyway, whether it is legal or not. They might as well have access to regulated and safe abortion clinics that can perform the abortions safely.

Five, women who allowed to go through abortions end up more mentally stable over those women who are denied abortions. They say that women who are denied abortions are angry and resentful, and if they have children against their will, they are passing on this resentment and mental issues to their children.

Six, women can choose to abort babies with potential birth abnormalities or deformities. They argue against bringing people into the world with built-in defects, already giving them a handicap right from the onset of life. Having to take care of physically and mentally handicapped babies can also present severe financial challenges for the parents.

Seven, women who are allowed abortions can be more financially stable than those who are denied abortions. Most women who have abortions do so, because they are not ready, from a financial standpoint, to take care of children. By not having unwanted children, they tend to be more economically stable.


The main argument against abortion is that it is in effect, a homicide. The snuffing out of a human life, whether a formed version, or a mass of developing cells, is murder and this should not be acceptable in any society.

The other arguments against abortion include the following.

One, life becomes at conception. A fetus, regardless of its age, is comprised of living cells that have the potential to become human beings. Terminating a fetus is in effect, terminating a live person. Since they should be considered as live persons, unborn babies should be granted the same constitutional rights as regular United States citizens.

Two, fetuses feel pain during the abortion. Fetuses already have a brain with interconnected nerves and nerve endings. Being subjected to the procedures and chemicals in an abortion are violently painful.

Three, the procedure itself is immoral, and against religious values. Many religious leaders invoke the Bible and argue that God says that a baby has already been “knitted” inside the mother’s womb, and since God frowns down upon killing unborn babies, abortion is immoral. It seems to promote a society that considers life a disposable and cheap.

Four, abortions can cause psychological trauma. Opponents say that many women who undergo abortions are racked with feelings of guilt, and sometimes fall into depression.

Five, abortions based on potential birth abnormalities, is discriminatory. Society frowns upon discrimination against physically and mentally challenged people. By disallowing the birth and development of the fetuses of such people is also discrimination.

Six, the availability of abortion on demand reduces the sense of responsibility for a woman. Many pregnancies are a result of an irresponsible or little thought of actions. By allowing abortions on demand, women are being insulated from having to think about the consequences of their actions.

Seven, abortion disproportionally affects African-Americans. Statistics show that African-American women are about three times more likely to undergo an abortion as women of other races.

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